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I do not agree with nor would I choose the Duggar family’s lifestyle for myself – the couple with 19 children and counting – but when I heard that Michelle Duggar had just miscarried yesterday (baby #20), I felt extremely sad for her. To an expectant mother looking forward to the birth of her new little bundle of joy, a miscarriage is devastating, whether that is her first child or her 100th child.

So I was quite surprised at the comments I found on the Twitterverse under the hashtag #Duggar. There were a few comments expressing condolences, but most took one stand or another, and in a really in-your-face, mean way. Some used the news to bash the Duggars and tell them to “get fixed,” “stop having kids,” or just called them “crazy.” This was a particularly flagrant example:

Okay, that is just horrifying. They’re already heartbroken, and people want to kick them when they’re down. On the flip side, I can understand how some Tweeters could be upset about comments like these, but then they take it overboard in their responses. See below, from @LastBrainLeft, who is strongly recommending that some of his fellow Twitterverse members commit suicide for tweeting anti-Duggar sentiments:

And, apparently, he wasn’t done. There were quite a lot of people that he thought should off themselves, and he did not hesitate to let them know it:

My question is: why do we treat each other this way? Does the fact that comments cannot be traced back to your front door or that you are interacting with people “virtually” instead of physically make it somehow easier to spew such hateful venom with your fingertips? We’re all human beings, people. We all go through highs and lows, ebbs and flows, joys and sorrows as part of the human experience. Why doesn’t that shared experience bind us together more tightly, rather than drive us apart? I don’t get it.

One thing is for sure: my kid can’t open a Twitter account until she’s old enough to date. And according to her father, that happens at age 30.


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