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The End of an Era: My Little Apple is Weaned.

Apple by Eagle Statue

I can’t believe it: my little girl is completely off the breast. The last time I wrote about weaning, it was the end of November and there was no end in sight. Now, it’s actually been three weeks since she’s tried to suckle, and the reason she stopped was so heartwarming it brought tears to my eyes: she didn’t want to hurt me. I have been traveling so much for work that my milk has dried up, and each time I would come back, she would zealously try to extract the milk with her teeth, causing me more than a … Continue reading

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Weaning Update: I Need to Grow More Breasts!


The little Apple is now mostly night-weaned. For about a year now, she has not nursed between the hours of 10pm and 8am (mostly because after I nurse her to sleep, I sneak out of her bedroom and she sleeps on her own the rest of the night). The rare exception occurs when she is sick and I feel particularly sorry for her (so I accede to her requests to nurse). The challenge now is…how to wean her completely! She’s already almost 2 years and 3 months old. So far, I’ve been allowing her to take the lead, and that … Continue reading

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Night-Weaning Update: A Real Roller Coaster Ride

Yet another of my crazy boob doodles.

I don’t know where to begin. I am so bone-tired and exhausted. The kind where even after you sleep, you don’t feel rested, where that heavy feeling behind your lids just persists all day long. I thought things were going well. They WERE. I was so excited to blog that I had switched tactics, and perhaps had finally found a night-weaning process that was going to work for me and for the Little Apple. I even had some success to report, but then last night happened. Let me back up. I wrote to Dr. Marcel and showed him my horrific … Continue reading

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