Wow. I Think I Just Stopped Croup Dead in Its Tracks…Naturally.

Little Apple 2a

A couple days before my daughter’s birthday, she developed croup again. Good timing, little Apple! This time, the ringing, seal-like cough was unmistakable. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know I’m an old hand at croup, as this is my 7th or 8th tour of duty. I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve sat in the bathroom holding her, with the hot shower running and the steam curling up all around us, fogging up the mirror.

Looking back, here are all my many posts on croup and coughs and croupy coughs, and the list is endless:

Anyway, I don’t know why I decided to try something different this time. Maybe it’s because I had just written a blog post recently about all the ways I like to use peppermint essential oil, but an inspiration just hit me and I decided to follow it. You see, croup is normally a 6-day thing. The child has a barking cough and is woken up from sleeping, and it is usually worse at night, and worse when the child is lying down. Night 1 is rough, but nights 2 and 3 are the roughest, the all-nighter kind. And then nights 4, 5, and 6 get better and better, and then you’re done.

Well, as many of you know, I just started a new job. And I wanted a way to nip this croup thing in the bud, so I decided to make an immune-boosting rub for my daughter. This way, she could breathe easier and hopefully return to health faster. I mixed Rosemary essential oil and Peppermint essential oils together (about 2 drops of each), and put them in 1 tablespoon of carrier oil (I chose Grapeseed, because that is what I had nearest to hand).  I then rubbed my palms together and rubbed the mixture on her back and on her chest the very first night she started the barking cough. She went back to sleep and had a great night of sleep.

On Night 2, she coughed herself awake again, and again I sat with her in the shower, and again I made this rub. This time, though, I used only Peppermint essential oil (as I had run out of Rosemary). She went back to sleep and slept the whole night through.

The next day was her actual birthday, and I took her to get her portrait taken (see left – does she look like she’s sick?). The night of her birthday, I kept bracing myself for another hard night, but she slept the whole night through again. No coughing. Huh? Night 3 of croup? You’ve got to be kidding me. Same thing on Night 4, last night. And today is Day 5, and she woke up happily chanting, “Mommy? I wanna nurse! Mommy? I wanna nurse!”

A 2-day bout of croup? I LOVE IT!! I’ll take it any day. So, just thought I’d pass this on as yet ONE MORE potential croup remedy and ONE MORE wonderful way to use Peppermint essential oil!

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is a Master Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist, and enthusiastic natural mommy to a beautiful tot of 2, the Little Apple. She shares her parenting adventures (sometimes mis-adventures) via this blog.
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